VR and AR don’t well know yet today, but in the future, this technology will take a place. Change conventional technology becomes a new one. Make technology used in a new way, experience way. We can’t deny the presence of this future technology because of its benefit in life will be.
In a simple way, VR and AR take us to an artificial world created by a computer system that gives us virtual experience through sensory stimuli (as sights and sounds). What we see and hear is just a virtual, but the experience of using this technology give us more than just a virtual world.
3d technology, virtual reality, entertainment, cyberspace and pe

two business persons are developing a project using virtual real


The use of VR and AR can be found in social life, digital entertainment (music & related, cinematography & film production), education, gaming, healthcare, enterprise (auto, architectureal & construction, retail & commerce), military & defense, and also for government needs. With INVOYA technology will not only for being used, but also for being experienced.